Lockdown videos

Wish you were here
Wearing the inside out

During lockdown we have put out a number of videos on our Facebook channel .... some full tribute cover versions shown here, some fan-cam vids of recent shows, and some individual efforts.


(* MIDI progam) Video and audio mix on collaborations by Harry unless stated.

Wearing the inside out  Harry (vocals, sax), Rose (vocals), Alan (vocals, guitar), Jack (bass, keyboards*, drums*, audio mix)


Fearless Alan (vocals, guitar), Harry (guitars, keyboards, drums*), Jack (bass), ft. Cpt. Tom Moore, Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir


Wish you were here Russ (vocals), Rose (vocals), Harry (guitar), Alan (guitar), Luke (keyboards), Jack (bass), Lee (drums)


Medley (Pigs, Breathe, Great gig in the sky, Shine on you crazy diamond, Us and them, Comfortably numb) Luke (piano)


Bike Harry (vocals, guitar, bass, recorder, keyboards, drums*)


Is there anybody out there Alan (guitar)

Paintbox Harry (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums*)


The final cut Alan (vocals, guitar)


Shine on you crazy diamond Alan (vocals, guitar)

Let there be more light Harry (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards*, drums*)

A saucerful of secrets Harry (guitar, bass, keyboards*, soprano sax, drums*)



Pigs – bass Jack 


High hopes  – slide guitar solo Alan, acoustic guitar Harry


Young lust – bass Jack


Have a cigar – bass Jack


One slip – bass Jack


Us and them – sax solo Harry


Cluster one – guitar Alan


Learning to fly – bass Jack


One of these days

Video by Ruben Sano from Bury Met show (July 2019)


Comfortably numb

Video mainly by vfrspeed from Bury Met show (July 2019), audio from Cleckheaton show (Feb 2020)



audio from Cleckheaton show (Feb 2020), video from Chester show (Mar 2020) by Luke


Great gig in the sky

Video by Ruben Sano from Bury Met show (July 2019)



Video by Ruben Sano from Bury Met show (July 2019)


Dogs (part)

Video from Stockport show (March 2019)


Pigs (ending)

Video by Pat Tarpey from Congleton show (Feb 2019)

"To say I was impressed would be an understatement; if you're a fan of live music, and in particular the music of Pink Floyd, then I cannot recommend highly enough the sensational Lancashire-based Pinked Floyd."

- Mark Donnelly - rocktopia.co.uk

(c) 2014-20 - Pinked Floyd

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