Harry Somers - guitar and sax

Harry has been playing guitar (strictly rhythm) in originals and covers bands for over 25 years, and started playing sax about ten years ago, on a whim. Apart from the songs which feature Dick Parry's distinctive horn playing, Harry sees his job in Pinked Floyd as supporting the lead guitarist: there's no jockeying for the limelight here! 


Away from music, Harry took early retirement from his job as a university professor a few years ago, is married with two grown-up sons, and is a keen Everton supporter,

travelling to all the games, home and away!








Kit list:

2001 Fender MIM Strat fitted with EMG pickups played through a Fender  Champion 40 amp and a Korg AX1000G effects board. "It's not the most expensive effects board you can get but it suits my purposes". 

Washburn WD10SCE12 electro-acoustic 12-string

Yamaha FG-725 acoustic

Yanagisawa 991 tenor sax with Arnold Brilhart 5* metal mouthpiece

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II baritone sax with Berg Larsen 105


Elkhart Series II alto sax with Berg Larsen 85/1 mouthpiece






(c) 2014-20 - Pinked Floyd

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