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"To say I was impressed would be an understatement; if you're a fan of live music, and in particular the music of Pink Floyd, then I cannot recommend highly enough the sensational Lancashire-based Pinked Floyd".
M.Donnelly, Rocktopia Review
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"Pinked Floyd are an act for anyone who has a passion for live music and rich, talent-packed and entertaining performances"
S. Hughes-Jones, QuaysNews

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Absolutely fantastic, every member of the band clearly loves what they do and it massively comes across on stage, true professionals doing what they do best.
RE. George Lawton Hall Mossley, Nov 2018

Another superb night. Seen the band 5 or 6 times now. Never fail to impress. Go and see for yourselves decide.
JN. Pendle Hippodrome, Colne, Jan 2018

Seen them 3 times. Each time better than last. One of the very best Pink Floyd tribute bands. Can't wait to see them again. Absolutely brilliant!
SN. Daneside Theatre, Congleton, Feb 2018

Absolutely blew my mind best gig I've been years. Quality musicians, singers & lighting.
KD. Empire Theatre, Blackburn, Sept 2018

Wow!! Pinked Floyd were brilliant. Not just exceptional music but added a personal touch that was a breath of fresh air. I cannot recommend you highly enough!
CG. Empire Theatre, Blackburn, Sept 2018

Absolutely awesome concert in Blackburn. Without doubt the best pink Floyd tribute band I've seen. The was lots of passion and obvious love for the music and that shows in the performance. The light show was brilliant as well and complemented the music.
PE. Empire Theatre, Blackburn, Sept 2017

Blown away by this band. Professional and talented on the next level!! I've sound engineered touring bands for over 11 years and not many bands grab my attention the way these guys did!! Thanks guys for a wonderful night!!
JC.- Interim room sound and light, Met Lounge, Peterborough, July 2018

A sublime tribute to one of the greatest bands ever - Pink Floyd. Coming to the Lending Room, Leeds, Saturday March 18th.

Excellent gig in Stockport... highlights for us Echoes and Great Gig... special mention of Arnold Layne and even a track from Obscured by Clouds. Will spread the word....
RW. Stockport Guildhall, March 2018

​Just wanted to thank you all SO much for your incredible show in Sale at the weekend...just unbelievable. Impossible to pick out a highlight, but Alan's guitar work was phenomenal, as were Andrea's amazing vocals on 'Great Gig...' - not forgetting of course, the incredible sax & keyboard sounds - the all round 'mix' was just perfect. The BEST sound of ANY band I've seen at the Waterside. I promise you will always find an appreciative audience here...!!! To hear 'Arnold Layne' again - WOW - never thought it'd happen.

D.Robinson, Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, November 2017

Just been to see Pinked Floyd - a Pink Floyd tribute band - at Sale Waterside. Just fantastic.

M.Dawson, Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, November 2017

A really excellent night, probably the best I've ever been to at the Waterside.

S.Powell, Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, November 2017

Watched u guys on Saturday night in Blackburn. Loved it! The instrumentals were virtually note for note especially lead guitar and sax. You guys did a proper job - just be careful with that axe tho Eugene lol!

G.Evans, Empire Theatre, Blackburn, September 2017

Absolutely brilliant tonight at Barton Aerodrome. First time seeing you and you were spot on. I've seen Aussie Floyd, Off The Wall, Think Floyd. Me and my mates enjoyed your spot on vocals, musicianship and bonding with the crowd. It was a pleasure to be there tonight. If anyone wants to see a brilliant Floyd tribute band then it's got to be PINKED FLOYD. Thanks to all the band for making our night​.

D.Hewson, City Airport, August 2017

Great gig @ City Airport last night , loved it loved it , hope to see you all perform again soon.

A.Pollard, City Airport, August 2017

Thank you for a totally awesome night loved every are amazing fantastic band..will definitely be seeing you again soon...once again ty for a fantastic night

T.Woolley, City Airport, August 2017

Thanks for the Barton gig last night, guys I've been a major Floyd fan from birth and jesus I've never heard a better rendition of Pigs ever, wow man really really spot on in every way guys absolute to a T! Vocals bass lead backing the lot man , thanks guys absolute sh*t hot yes should be really proud folks note for note. bob on man. Keep it up and I'll be defo recomending you to friends guys, thanks.

K.Roberts, City Airport, August 2017

Saw you at the Guildhall Stockport on saturday night, top gig & great night out. Recommend it to anyone. I was blown away & managed to get a front row seat as well, brilliiant, thank you.

C.Holt, Stockport Guildhall, July 2017

Great gig in the Blue Lounge tonight in New Brighton. I'm a lifelong Floyd fan and this was one of the best tribute band performances I've ever seen (and I've seen plenty). Vocals, instrumentals and general presentation was faultless. Note perfect guitar solos and the enthusiasm of the band and their joy in playing this great music came over loud and clear. Really got the impression that they loved Floyd as much as me, and the rest of the audience, did. Looking forward to seeing the band again in the future. Thanks for a memorable night.

Mike Halls, Feb 2017


Simply brilliant. Top range musicianship, great lights and sound and a really good vibe created with the very attentive audience. I've seen the originals on several occasions so was prepared to be a bit disappointed. Believe me, I wasn't !! Best concert for ages. See you again! Great work and thanks to everyone. 

Paul Tandy, Feb 2017


Unbelievably awesome !! Music buzzing in our heads on our walk home and still singing today. All of you play your full part in re-creating this wonderful back catalogue ....

M & T (Greenfield), December 2016

Thanks for an absolutely fantastic night at Tara Leisure, unbelievable performance, my first but definitely not my last attendance to one of your gigs. Hard to pick a favourite moment but Brain Damage/Eclipse and Comfortably Numb blew me away.

Geoffrey Hargreaves, September 2016

Pinked Floyd Fantastic gig at the Academy tonight, that last guitar solo melted my face right off!!!

Jan Heywod, June 2016


Well what a show! Just seen you at Academy 3, I've seen a few tribute bands over the years, and the 'Real Thing'...must say, Russ was a perfect front man, exuding passion and an obvious enjoyment of what he was doing, with an incredibly accurate vocal. Al's guitar work was masterful, fantastic solos, and the rest of the band equally as good in their respective roles!

Roi71, June 2016


Absolutely Amazing night, music is banging. If u closed ur eyes and just listened you'd actually think U were at a real Floyd concert.

Brian Pilling, March 2016


Hi What a brilliant performance at the Floral Pavillion in New Brighton.The band was faultless. A brilliant set of tracks. So professional. I was lucky enough to be sitting on the front row. Cant wait to see you again. Worth every penny. You made my weekend.

P. Abbot, March 2016


Thanks for an amazing gig at Fogertys in Liverpool last night! I hope to see you in New Brighton in March. Brilliant concert!

J. Fox, Jan 2016


AMAZING GIG LAST NIGHT, Thank you all for coming to Liverpool last night, truly amazing, I hope you enjoyed preforming as much as we all love hearing you all. TOP FORM. Cannot wait to see you all again in a few weeks on the Wirral. Liverpool loves you all

H.J. Scanlan, Foghertys, Jan 2016


Fantastic show first class, great turn out, phenomenal night from ALL. As always WELL DONE! - without a doubt see you all again February next year at the King's Arms.

A. Maloney, Friezland, Dec 2015


Saw the band for the first time tonight in Saddleworth ... absolutely fantastic. Blown away with Great Gig in the Sky ... thank you Andrea. Thank you to you all for such a professional performance. You're all brilliant musicians. Can't wait for the next gig.

J. Peel, Dec 2015


Just made it in time to catch the second set of this Floyd tribute band @ the Talbot, and it's busting at the doors. I can't say I have ever seen the Talbot so jammers. This band are spot on as any Floyd fan would tell you and you can count me amongst them, a definite must see if you are one. Would like to catch these at a large venue with the volume turned up full, any takers.

Philip Schofield, Sept 2015


Totally fantastic at the Talbot this evening as ever. Really enjoyed you all x

A. Whittaker, Sept 2015


Wonderful Gig in Blackburn last week, Cannot stress how great you all where, WELL DONE. Heard you're playing Liverpool in January, cannot wait, be assured I will be bringing as many friends at I can.

H. J. Scanlan, Sept 2015


Brilliant effort at Festwich. Looking forward to seeing you boys on the main stage sometime.

Laurence Parker, July 2015


Possibly the highlight of my weekend. You were all great!!! See you next year :)x

Carole Fisher, Festwich, July 2015


@PinkedFloyd absolute geniuses. couldn't be nearer to the real thing , great night at grants @bigclockbrewery Thanks ,grt band grt beer

@M.Berisford, Grants Bar, Accrington, July 2015

My wife and I saw your show last night. A brilliant and awesome concert. You are a great talented bunch. Please come back as my wife and I and others will turn out to see you. A fantastic show.

J. Simmons, Floral Pavilion, June 2015


Seen these guys and girl in New Brighton tonight. Great show . See you hopefully again back here next year.

B. Jackson, Floral Pavilion, June 2015


Had a great night listening to you all for the first time. I'm not the greatest Pink Floyd fan but could get to be after listening to your "fab" and very professional stage show

G.Valentine, Floral Pavilion, June 2015

Thanks for a terrific night in Stockport. Me and Rich had a great time, and cannot wait to see you when you come to Keighley. Again thanks - best Birthday for a long time. Love you guys loads.

Alan & Rich (came all the way from Leeds to see us in Stockport) April 2015

It was great to be at the gig at Live Stockport on Saturday night. The quality of the music of one the most influential bands of the last forty years brought to life by one of the best tribute bands of today, truly a fantastic night.

It was a spine tingling experience from Andrea's 'Great Gig In The Sky' to the wonderful version of 'Echoes' and many of the classic tracks. We can't wait to see them again.

C. Richard, April 2015


Went to see Pinked Floyd on the 12th of April at the New Roscoe's bar in Leeds. Have to say that it was the best night that I have had out in Leeds. The band where absolutely Brilliant. Thanks to all concerned and cant

wait to see them back again. Huge Pink Floyd fan Alan

Alan Gray, April 2015


Fabulous gig last night at the Kings Arms. Awesome - was singing all the way home on the train back to Preston

Mark & Fi Bamber, March 2015


Loved the gig tonight, you guys were absolutely amazing -brilliant - sound like the real thing but still have your own identities! Won't forget this awesome gig x

Stevie Helps, March 2015


Totally Amazing Guys watching Pinked Floyd ! I'm still buzzing now. Had a fantastic evening. ThanX

A. Whittaker, February 2015


I travelled from Liverpool to see this band and I wasn’t disappointed. I am a die hard Floyd fan who isn't easily pleased, but these guys had it down to a fine art. 

Joseph Malloy


Stunning rendition of Echoes and Andrea’s Great gig in the sky was the best I have heard since the release of DSOTM. Can’t wait for the next show

Brian Parker


The band were tight and really impressed. This  is a band who should make a big mark in the tribute scene very quickly. If you like Floyd, this is a must see band

Don Fish


Hi all you all were fab last night, thanks for a great night, what a brill band Pinked Floyd are thanks again 

Wendy, Mike and son Floyd


Can’t wait for the next show. The accuracy of the sound is amazing, is there any chance you will be coming to the Northeast any time soon? 

Jenny and Craig McDonald


My heroes will never be forgotten as long as you are on the stage and that's from a 68 yr. old roadie of the original PF! You are another brick in the wall!

David Larkin, former PF roadie, April 2015


On Sunday night, Mrs J and I took ourselves off to the New Roscoe in Leeds for the latest appearance of Pinked Floyd on their world tour.  The missus is not a great Floyd fan so I had to agree to her recording a new BBC3 drama in preference to MOTD2; the things one does for domestic harmony.
An enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd, many of them knew most of the words, were treated to an excellent recreation of classic Pink Floyd compositions by a group of very talented of musicians.  It was almost like being back with the original Pink Floyd, although the special effects were less extravagant; no planes crashing into the stage or flying animals, but a small inflatable pig did make a token appearance. 

The first half was dedicated to the Dark Side of the Moon and the female vocalist was able to demonstrate her remarkable sonic range on the “whooo/whaaa” bits.   In the second half the band dipped into Floyd's back catalogue, from the 1967 single Arnold Layne all the way through to last year’s The Endless River album.  Excellent vocals and mightily impressive lead guitar playing in a tight band were backed up by understated keyboards, bass guitar, drums, rhythm guitars and saxophones. 
An excellent evening’s entertainment and our car with all four wheels was still there at the end.  No audience dancing or moshing; a throwback to the old days when bands were listened to with reverence.
Catch up with Pinked Floyd at one of their upcoming gigs – highly recommended.  You won’t be disappointed, unless you ask them to play an Abba cover.

Trevor Jenkins, April 2015