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"To say I was impressed would be an understatement; if you're a fan of live music, and in particular the music of Pink Floyd, then I cannot recommend highly enough the sensational Lancashire-based Pinked Floyd".
M.Donnelly, Rocktopia Review
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"Pinked Floyd are an act for anyone who has a passion for live music and rich, talent-packed and entertaining performances"
S. Hughes-Jones, QuaysNews

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You were amazing! My other half and I thought Rose's Great Gig in the Sky was outstanding. What a fab show - hubby is busy practising his guitar right now having been inspired!! (Rosanne Dormer, 2023)

Really enjoyed seeing you at Hyde. And to anyone out there who hasn't had the pleasure, and thinks Pinked Floyd might be 'just another PF tribute band doing the rounds', you'd be sooo wrong. Go and see them - you'll be totally gobsmacked by just how very good they are. Keep up the good work Guys (Rob MacIver, 2023)

One of the hardest tracks ever to perform [is] Great Gig in the Sky and your good lady absolutely nailed it. You all gave a tremendous performance. I’ve always loved Floyd and know every note of their tracks. It was our first time watching you in Hyde. It was wonderful!! We will be coming watching you all again. Definitely one of the best tribute bands we have seen  (Barry Debbie Harding, 2023)

We loved it! I went with hubby as he's always been been a Pink Floyd fan. You were SO good I am now a convert. We'll defo join you again sometime! (Jenny Davies, 2023)

Come back soon gang , you were tremendous, better than Floyd themselves, I could tell you totally enjoyed the gig ,too , thanks to the technical guys for lights, big screen and sound. COME BACK !!! (Andy Swain, 2023)

2nd time we have seen you, can't wait until you are all back again, we have seen a few of Pink Floyd tribute bands but I can honestly say you are the Best. Thank you for entertaining us. (Lynn Bromley, 2023)

Credit where credit's due - over the years I have seen a few tribute bands you guys are by far the best, you make me feel young again and lift my spirits for days after each show - Love and Light to you all (Janie Clement, 2023)

Absolutely amazing performance. Especially the 50 year tribute to Dark Side of the Moon. Keep on shining (Alan Wilson, Hyde 2023)

Thanks to all of you for another superb and mesmerising performance, your talent and passion blew me away as usual!! (Paul Lambert, 2023)

First time we've seen you but certainly won't be the last. Brilliant!  Excellent musicians and vocals. Rose's rendition of the Great Gig in the Sky was amazing. One of my favourites from the album.  (Jilly Bean, 2023)

What a show at Hyde Festival Theatre tonight, guys. Incredible musicianship and note perfect rendition of all the songs. The love you have for PF came shining through (you crazy diamonds) and did every song justice. An absolute pleasure. Thank you so much. (Fred Preston, 2023)

The. Magic that is Pinked Floyd absolutely fantastic show as always you guys never ever disappoint -keep doing what you do you transport me back to when I was a young girl in the 60’s Tonight I introduced my daughter-in-law to Floyd music you guys didn’t disappoint - can’t wait to see you again  (Janie Clement, 2023)

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