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Formed in 2014, North West UK based Pinked Floyd have developed a spectacular show packed with lovingly recreated favourites from the timeless albums Meddle, Dark Side Of the Moon, The Wall, The Division Bell, Wish You Were Here, Animals, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason as well as delving deeper into the Floyd back catalogue.

This band of quality performers has an almost fanatical devotion to reproducing the very best versions of tracks from original albums, studio sessions and Pink Floyd's famous live tours for their audience's pleasure.

The two and a half hour show leaves nothing out from the Floyd experience: stunning guitar riffs, spine tingling keyboards, saxophone solos, beautiful female vocal harmonies, thumping bass & rhythm lines, all held together by charismatic front man Russ Samuels.

To complete the sensory experience there is a mesmersing light & laser show complete with the iconic circular video screen to make their show a night not to miss for lovers of Pink Floyd. 



Russell’s early passion for rock music came from hearing AC/DC’s live album “If You Want Blood” when he was just 12 years old, and as a teenager he listened especially to the old style heavy rock and roll of Deep Purple, UFO, Rainbow and AC/DC. However an exposure for the first time to Pink Floyd and the mighty theatre of their album “The Wall” captured him and he was encouraged to go back in time to discover and appreciate the earlier albums. Russell has continued ever since in his following and admiration of the musical genius of all the members of Pink Floyd, latterly having a particular liking for the works of Roger Waters and especially his post-Floyd writing in “Amused To Death”.

After enjoying a dream come true singing a medley of Floyd songs music with the band SandS with fellow Pinked Floyd member Luke, Russell went on to inspire the gathering of the amazing members of Pinked Floyd who perform the outstanding live showcase of Pink Floyd music we see and hear today. 

Russell's passion to perform to a live audience and the associated pleasure and euphoria that it delivers to him personally urges Russell to continue his determined will to entertain. "I am privileged to be associated with the amazing creative and musical talent that surrounds me in Pinked Floyd and long may that continue into the future" says Russell.



Rose has been singing in public with various rock, blues, and experimental bands for many years. She also writes and performs her own material, for her own band Rose & The Diamond Hand, also playing guitar, bass and synth/keyboards. She likes music which has a message or tells a story, which is what attracted her to Pink Floyd’s themed albums.  As a teenager she would invite her friends round, share a  smoke, then turn off all the lights and listen to Dark Side of the Moon.

Rose joined Pinked Floyd in January 2019 and her performance of Great Gig in the Sky has quickly become a highlight of the show, no  doubt encouraged by a personal message of encouragement received after contacting original Great Gig singer Clare Torry.



Coming from a musical family, Luke has over 25 years experience of keyboard playing -  in his homeland of Norfolk, the Midlands and the North West.


Starting in prolific songwriting duo Resolution in his early teens, then original indie bands, through function bands he spent 12 years with the Pinked Floyd lead singer in SandS performing a mix of origInals and rock covers. Some of those covers were Pink Floyd songs and when the call came 18 months after SandS had disbanded Luke didn't hesitate to join up with Russ on this project.


Indeed it is a dream come true to play these songs since seeing the Division Bell tour at Earls Court in 1994.

Luke's extensive rig includes a Kurzweil Forte SE keyboard, a brand favoured by Floyd's Richard Wright and a Yahama MX49 which uses Motif XS sounds giving it the flexibilty for use as a Hammond organ, to play MP3 samples or MIDI loops.



"The Professor" has been playing guitar (strictly rhythm) in originals and covers bands for over 30 years, and has been playing sax for about half that time. Apart from the songs which feature Dick Parry's distinctive horn playing, Harry sees his job in Pinked Floyd as supporting the lead guitarist: there's no jockeying for the limelight here! 


Away from music, Harry's other passion is Everton FC and sees him travelling to all the games, home and away!


Kit list:

2001 Fender MIM Strat fitted with EMG pickups played through a Fender VM Deluxe amp and a Boss ME-90 effects board. 

Washburn WD10SCE12 electro-acoustic 12-string

Yamaha FG-725 acoustic

Yanagisawa 991 tenor sax 

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II baritone sax 

Elkhart Series II alto sax



Lee has been playing drums since he was just a wee laddie. His favourite drummers are Mitch Mitchell, Abe Cunningham, Nicko McBrain, Chad Smith and of course most of all Nick Mason.


Lee has played in many originals and covers bands over the years, taking in most of the best (and worst!) music venues across Manchester and the North West area. More than anything though Lee is a massive Nick Mason fan and plays his parts with amazing accuracy.


Kit list:

Lee uses a Yamaha walnut/bubinga kit with a custom bass drum skin depicting the famous Wave of Kanagawa as used on Floyd's Animals tour of 1977. He uses a Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum as favoured by Nick Mason and a variety of Paiste and Zildjian cymbals. Pro Mark 5b drum sticks and a roto toms set up complete his kit.



Alan has been playing guitar since he was about 12 years old after saving money from his local paper round to buy his first electric guitar. Influenced from an early age by the likes of Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi and Pink Floyd, he has always played a mixture of rock and blues in several local bands, most notably playing lead guitar in Manchester rock band Twe1v3, and more recently in the Alan Tarpey Blues Band, along with bassist Jack. The chance to play in a Floyd tribute band is an opportunity he has long dreamed of.


Kit list:

Fender 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Strat

Custom built Strat-like guitar based on Gilmour's Red Strat

Fender USA Telecaster

Jagard Lap Steel

Fender VM Deluxe Amp

Effects pedals too numerous to list



Jack has a deep love and appreciation for a wide range of musical genres. He draws inspiration from legendary bassists such as Guy Pratt, Tony Levin, and Stanley Clarke - musicians whose contributions to the bass guitar have earned them a special place in Jack's heart.

When Jack plays the bass, it's clear that he has a special connection with the instrument. His playing style is a beautiful combination of soulful grooves and intricate melodic lines that have the power to evoke a wide range of emotions. Whether he's playing a funky bassline that gets your toes tapping or a slow, melodic riff that brings tears to your eyes, Jack's playing has a way of making you feel truly alive, probably.

Kit list:

Sire Marcus Miller V7 Alder 5-string fretless bass guitar

TC Electronic BG250 bass amp

A pedalboard which is stocked with effects pedals from some of the best brands in the business, including TC Electronic, Electro-Harmonix, and Strymon.


The pedalboard itself is a custom-made creation by Heavy Seas, an independent maker based in Paris! (Have a chat with Jack after the show if you fancy talking all things gear)



No band can exist without a big helping hand from offstage. We give credit to:

The Laser Man himself - Carl Bowden

ACE PA & Lights - Gary, Mark & Colin

Vic Peake - Van driver, security, merchandise & all round great guy

Evan Sidell - merch and keyboards tech

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